Adobe Flash CS5 Tutorial – How to Work with Scenes

In this quick Adobe Flash tutorial by author Andy Anderson, you'll learn the concept of using scenes within your projects. Click on the link or preview below to get started. Understanding Flash Scenes [jwplayer file="" … [Read more...]

Adobe Flash CS5 Tutorial – How to Create and Organize Layers

These two tutorial videos by Andy Anderson will help you better understand the layer functionality in Adobe Flash CS5, first explaining how layers basically work and then showing you how to organize them into convenient folders. How to Work with Layers [jwplayer … [Read more...]

Adobe Flash CS5 Tutorial – Creating Animation with a Mask

This video tutorial will help you animate an image using a mask layer in Adobe Flash CS5. Author Andy Anderson walks you through the steps. You can learn more through our interactive Adobe Flash CS5 training series. Animating an Image with a Flash Mask [jwplayer … [Read more...]

Adobe Flash CS5 Tutorial – Shape Tweening

In this short Flash tutorial video lesson, you'll learn how you can quickly morph and modify objects through shape tweening. Author Andy Anderson narrates the training video. How to Morph Objects Through Shape Tweening [jwplayer … [Read more...]