4 Tips for Android Development

If you’ve been paying attention to mobile device trends over the last few years, you’ve definitely noticed the surge in the number of users who own Android devices. If you’re a company looking to expand your reach, a designer or a developer, he numbers are simply too big to ignore.

As a training provider, we want to help you build apps that people will actually use. In addition to our multiplatform Corona SDK courses, we’ve got a new Android App Development Tutorial Video series that begins with the basics of creating native Android apps using current frameworks and code. Natively developed apps offer the benefits of stability and performance, and also provide an immensely more marketable skill set if you are looking to create apps for other people.

Just to give you an idea of what the course offers, here are four free videos that will help you get acquainted with everything Android, presented by Infinite Skills author Don Cowan. Android programming is not something that you can simply teach yourself overnight, and these free videos are just a starting point. Going through the full 10-hour course, however, will give you a solid foundation in the core concepts of Android App design and development, and the tools you need to get started creating your own apps.

1. Android App Components

2. App Components And APIs Overview

3. Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

4. Broadcast Receiver Concepts And Sample App



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