How to Import Video to Edit in Adobe Photoshop

While everyone is well aware of Photoshop’s limitless possibilities for working with still images and graphics, you might not yet be familiar with its newer tools for editing and enhancing video. When you think about how much video is now shot on DSLR cameras, often as an extension of a photo shoot, it can be quite useful to process both types of media using a standard set of tools.

To help you get started with this interesting workflow, we offer a Editing Video And Animation With Photoshop tutorial video course, authored by Adobe certified Expert Jeff Sengstack, on DVD-ROM, for download, or through the Learning Library.

In this post, we’ll show you how to import video footage for editing, which, unfortunately, is still much less intuitive than starting a new graphics project. In fact, if you try to start a video or animation project the normal way you would import an image, you’ll encounter a number of obstacles and annoyances we want you to avoid!

Forget the File Menu

While it’s technically possible to open a video project from the File Menu or Adobe Bridge, it includes many extra steps. Jeff highlights the pros and cons of these methods in the video at the bottom of the post. We want something more direct.

First, open the Photoshop application without opening a specific project. Now, look to the top right of your project window to the workspace selector and choose the Motion workspace, as shown below.


This provides you with the suite of tools needed for video an motion graphics work. By default, you also have a blank timeline at the bottom of the screen. Now look to the plus sign at the right edge of this empty timeline, and click on it. This lets you instantly browse for and choose the specific footage file or files you’d like to you use and loads them into the timeline for editing.


That’s it! Two steps. Now all of the clips you selected will be loaded in order, in a single video track, with entries for each file in your Layers panel to the right.

If you’d like to add a second video track, simply click on the video clip icon to the left of the timeline, and select New Video Video Group from the dropdown. Once again, click the plus sign to add clips to that track.


To add audio clips, you will also click the plus sign to the Audio Track that was automatically generated after importing your video.

To see Jeff Sengstack demonstrate these techniques and compare them to some of the other, less efficient ways of starting a Photoshop video project, check out this free video from Chapter 3 of our Editing Video And Animation With Photoshop Training below.



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