Changing “Today’s” Date in Microsoft Project

As a premiere planning, scheduling and resource management tool, Microsoft Project allows you to not only think about your team’s daily tasks and future goals, but also gives you the ability to place yourself directly into future scenarios to better forecast a project’s demands and conditions. In this post, we’ll show you how to shift the dateline so you can more easily walk through future tasks and workflows.

This quick tip is adapted from our Microsoft Project for Software Developers tutorial video series, authored by trainer Guy Vacarro. The course can be purchased for $49.95 as a download or on DVD-ROM, or instantly viewed streaming in our Learning Library.

Time Travel, The Easy Way

The beauty of changing the ‘today’ date in Project is that you can quickly do it without affecting the time settings on your machine, and by extension, the rest of your applications. To change the date, go to the Project tab of your application ribbon, and click on the Project Information icon, shown below.


From within the Project Information panel, you can access Today’s date through a calendar dropdown in the top right corner. You can select any point in the future or past.


Once you’ve made your change, you’ll be effectively working within the day and week you’ve selected, letting you focus on different milestones and isolate potential conflicts as a project comes together.

Customizing the Today Line and More

In the video below from Chapter 6 of our MS Project for Software Developers Training, Guy walks you through the steps above, and also shows you how you can customize your Today line within the user interface, across different Gantt views.



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