How to Work with Audio in Video Files in Audition CC

Adobe Audition is the workhorse of of audio editing within the Creative Cloud multimedia suite, but it’s definitely not limited to working with audio formats on their own. You’ll often want to edit, enhance, or restore audio associated with video files, and in this post we’ll show you the best way to get started in Audition CC.

These tips are taken from our Adobe Audition CC Tutorial Video series by Jeff Sengstack. With more than 13 hours of hands-on training in the course, it provides a comprehensive guide for beginners wanting a professional introduction to the program’s powerful tools and workflow options. Free sample videos can be found on the product page and our YouTube channel.

Audio and Video as Separate Files

When you import a video file into Audition, you’ll see in your file browser panel that the audio and video have been separated into two files, as shown below.


It’s important to note that the original audio still exists within the video file, and that the separate audio file you see is a duplicate that has been created specifically for you to modify and work with. Once you are done making your modifications you will need to merge the new audio track back into the video file with a video editing tool such as Adobe Premiere or Quicktime Pro.

Creating a Multitrack Session

In order to view the associated video linked to the audio you are editing, you will have to create a multitrack session within Audition. Highlight both files in the file browser panel, right-click, and go to Insert into Multitrack>New Multitrack Session, as shown below.


You’ll then be prompted for a session name and project settings. Match your source file’s bit depth for best results.


Viewing Video Footage in Audition

Once you have created your multitrack session, you’ll be able to view the associated footage at the same time you edit your audio. In the bottom-left of your screen, next to the History panel, there should be a tab for Video.


To make sure you are editing your audio file according to specific video footage frames, you can also enable a framerate view for your audio. Once you’ve clicked on your audio track from within the multitrack session, go to the top of your editing window to the time display markers, right click, and under the Time Display submenu, choose the frame rate that matches your video footage.



To see Jeff walk through these settings and additional functionality, watch the following sample video from Chapter 5 of the complete Adobe Audition CC course.



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