New Multi-User Options for Business and Education

After a successful year of our unlimited Learning Library, we’re ready to unleash additional features, functionality, and plans for businesses, schools, and government institutions. No matter what the size of the organization or its needs, we have multiple setups to fit a variety of budgets and learning requirements.

All-in-One Essential Plans

The Education Essential and Enterprise Essential plans will be familiar to anyone who has used our Learning Library to date. These are also unlimited training options, giving you access to every course in our catalog.

But the Essential plans are far more than just a multi-user version of the learning library; both provide a powerful administrator console that allows designated staff to create user profiles, specify courses available to users, monitor and report on video viewing habits, and export courses for use offline and within Learning Content Management Systems.

Pricing is set by the number of concurrent users viewing the training at the same time, not the number of total users. Pricing starts at $900 a year for 5 users, and goes up to $9,000 for 50 simultaneous users. For organizations with larger user requirements, custom pricing is available.


Tailored Select Plans

In addition to the Essential plans, we are also offering Education Select and Enterprise Select Plans, which allow groups to isolate specific courses they want from the catalog, as well as the number of concurrent users, and receive pricing accordingly. Maybe your company is only interested in CAD courses? You can choose anywhere from 1-30 courses, and anywhere from 3 to 50 simultaneous users.

Because you are excluding a high volume of training, the Select plans start at a lower price point than the Essential plans and can be customized to fit your exact training needs.

Universal Benefits

No matter which route your organization goes, all of our new multi-user options include these benefits:

  • Full online hosting by Infinite Skills, so users can access training anytime, from anywhere.
  • Course and IP Access control so you can choose which employees or students have access to specific training courses.
  • Reporting and statistics that let you measure utilization and progress.
  • The ability to generate certificates for completed video courses.

To find out more about our multi-user solutions, check out the Corporate and Educational product pages, and don’t hesitate to contact our representatives with any questions you may have.



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