Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tutorial – Building a PDF

This Illustrator CS6 tutorial video goes through various options the program makes available for creating PDFs. Author Andy Anderson explores settings to compress your projects efficiently without sacrificing quality where it counts. This is just a single preview from our 10-hour Learning Adobe … [Read more...]

Adobe Acrobat X Tutorial – Preflight Analysis And Fixups

In this quick lesson, you'll learn some of the considerations and precautions you should take before sending your documents to print professionals. For more videos view the full Adobe Acrobat X Training Course Perform Preflight Analysis And Fixups … [Read more...]

Adobe Acrobat X Tutorial – Using Certificate Protection

This lesson will show you how to use certificates for document security within Adobe Acrobat X Pro. It's presented by trainer Mike Hoffman, who teaches all videos in our complete Acrobat X tutorial course. How to Use Certificates for Security … [Read more...]

Adobe Acrobat X Tutorial – Adding Comments And Annotations

This Acrobat X tutorial shows how to add comments and annotations within a collaborative PDF workflow. It's narrated by Mike Hoffman, Adobe Certified Expert and author of our complete Acrobat X training . Creating Comments And Annotations … [Read more...]