Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Tutorial – Data List Design

In these quick Flash Catalyst lessons, you'll learn to work with data lists and some of the interactive options the software makes available. They're just previews of what's available in our complete Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 tutorial video series. Data List Design - Part 1 [jwplayer … [Read more...]

Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Tutorial – Audio Options

You'll learn about working with audio in Adobe Flash Catalyst in this quick hands-on tutorial narrated by trainer Tom Green. It's a short preview of the complete training found in our Learning Catalyst CS5 course. Add Audio [jwplayer … [Read more...]

Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Tutorial – Adding Transitions

In this Flash Catalyst CS5 tutorial, you'll get a quick look at inserting transitions within your timeline-based project. Transitions [jwplayer file="" width="720" height="405" … [Read more...]

Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Tutorial – Interactions & Action Sequences in the Timeline

In these Flash Catalyst tutorials narrated by author Tom Green, you'll get hands-on advice for working with action and interaction in the Timeline. It's just a short preview from our complete Flash Catalyst CS5 training course. Interactions [jwplayer … [Read more...]

Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Tutorial – Optimizing Your Graphics

In this brief Flash Catalyst training video clip from our full course, author Tom Green shows you how to optimize your graphics for efficient rendering and file size. Optimization [jwplayer file="" width="720" … [Read more...]