Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tutorial – Text Clipping Paths

You'll see how to make a custom clipping path based on inserted text, opening the door to some creative font effects. This Illustrator CS6 tutorial also looks at stroke and masking settings that will let you perfect your results even further. This is just a single preview from our 10-hour … [Read more...]

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tutorial – Character And Paragraph Styles

This Illustrator CS6 tutorial from Andy Anderson shows how to adapt customized formatting into reusable styles that allow you to reproduce desired text effects throughout your projects. Whether you're wanting to carry over custom fonts or indentations, styles allow you to achieve exactly the format … [Read more...]

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Paragraph Formatting

While Photoshop is known for graphics first and foremost, the latest edition packs in a number of useful text tools, which author Andy Anderson demonstrates in this short Photoshop CS6 tutorial on paragraph formatting. This is just one example from the 13-hour InfiniteSkills Photoshop CS6 … [Read more...]