Adobe Flash CS6 Tutorial – Apply Action to Buttons

In this Flash Pro training video clip, instructor Geoff Blake shows how to apply actions to functional buttons. Interactivity is central to Flash development, and buttons provide an instantly recognizable UI. More training video clips like this one can be found in our full Flash Professional … [Read more...]

Adobe Acrobat X Tutorial – Adding 3D Content To PDFs

This tutorial quickly shows how to add 3D content to your Acrobat Pro PDFs. The lesson is narrated by Mike Hoffman, who teaches the complete Acrobat X Pro course offered on our site. This is just a sample extract video from the training full course. You can view all the Adobe Acrobat X Tutorial … [Read more...]

Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Tutorial – Add Buttons, Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

In this tutorial on interactive components in catalyst, you'll get a quick walkthrough of creating usable radio buttons for your project. It's one segment from our 3.5 hour Adobe Flash Catalyst training video. ( Video Opens in New Window ) [jwplayer … [Read more...]