Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 Tutorial Video



Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 Tutorial Video


Photoshop Elements 7: Bargain or Bust?

Weighing in at a fraction of the price of its bigger cousin, Adobe Photoshop Elements is the entry level option for people looking to touch up their personal shots and achieve basic graphical effects. But is it worth your time, or would you be better off paying more for Photoshop CS4?

While earlier releases of Elements left something to be desired, it has greatly improved within the last few versions and now boasts plenty of features that can be put to use. It’s not simply a weaker or limited version of Photoshop, but a reinvented application geared specifically toward the home user. This is important: it actually has features that the premium version of Adobe PS does not have, including an entire interface devoted to organizing your images and giving you quick and easy ways to make albums and picture books to share with family and friends.

Within its editing interface, Adobe Elements lets you crop photos, remove red eye with just a couple clicks and apply filters and effects just how you might in more expensive programs, but in many ways simpler. While Photoshop CS4 is more of a handle-everything-and-anything-at-once solution, from doing graphics for websites to producing textures for film and 3D animation, Elements knows exactly what it is for: making it easier for you to manage and improve the digital photos in your personal collection.

The management tools are so intuitive that Elements can be considered a practical solution for a number of professional environments, as well. Small businesses like real estate offices could definitely use the application to manage large numbers of images taken in the field and even perform enhancements for posting in advertising materials.

Photoshop Elements 7 Tutorial – Training DVD

While it’s easier than CS4 for those just starting out, Elements is still a large program, and one that you could certainly learn to use more effectively with the right training. Infinite Skills offers a perfect solution for those wanting a handle on not just the basics, but also the application’s more advanced effects.

PS Elements 7 Tutorial Video Interface

PS Elements 7 Tutorial Video Interface

Adobe Certified Instructor Neil Oliver covers a range of topics in close detail, from color correction and retouching to removing unwanted objects and applying enhanced techniques. The Elements 7 tutorial video features a live view of the application workspace, with step by step walkthroughs that show you exactly what is required to achieve the results you want.

Oliver gives expert advice for a range of common edits like whitening teeth, converting color to black and white, and fixing freckles and blemishes, but doesn’t stop there. Users who want the highest quality from their digital cameras will learn how to work with Camera RAW format, or piece together multiple shots into a panorama for stunning results.

More information and free demos of several lessons can be found on the site. This Elements 7 training is a unique resource that even more experienced users should check out. In addition to CD / DVD, the videos can also be accessed online for a convenient and immersive experience.



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