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Is WordPress a good option for the beginning blogger?

As blogging has soared in popularity, the number of blogging platforms and content management systems for people to choose from has also significantly grown. Keeping track of features for all the different sites (and figuring out how much different premium features cost) can be more than a little intimidating to those just starting out. We find that WordPress fits the bill quite nicely for those with the urge to have their voice heard, for both individuals and businesses, and here are a few reasons why:

1. It has a large, helpful group of people using it.

We all know that the most popular choice isn’t always the best, but when it comes to WordPress, having a solid user base is a very good thing. The site offers its services in over fifty different languages, and any time you stumble into a problem or question, you’re usually not the only one. The WordPress support system offers quick help when it’s needed, and the development team has been very supportive over the years to the needs of everyday bloggers.

2. You can get set up quickly and easily.

Whether you are just going with the basic templates available on WordPress.com or if you’re developing a custom home for your words that you host yourself, the deployment time for a WordPerfect solution is a fraction of what it would take to do it all yourself and also quite competitive with other CMS solutions. While the behind-the-scenes interface has not always been so easy to use, it is now quite streamlined and ready for any number of custom configurations. With proper instruction, the possibilities are really endless.

3. Customization

We keep repeating this, but it’s true. You can make your WordPress site look however you want it to, and it’s not hard. You can extend the functionality of your site with plugins and even connect your blog with your instant messaging and social media accounts.

Video Walkthrough of the WordPress Dashboard

Training Screenshot: The WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Tutorial & Training CD

While getting started with WordPress is designed to be easy, it helps to have some guidance when you want things to look right. In addition to covering the essentials, the lessons available through Infinite Skills will also show you how to create and manage a more complex and dynamic site, with tips on hosting, modifying CSS and PHP, incorporating interactive media and much more. Whether you want to see how you can improve your current blog or site or if you want some friendly advice in starting from the ground up, this WordPress Tutorial is an option you should check out.

It can be bought on DVD or viewed online right in your own browser, and no matter how you receive the training you will quickly see some impressive results. Previews of the training are offered on the web site, learn how to use WordPress at your own pace.



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