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Snow Leopard: Primed for the Future Mobile Computing

Snow Leopard 10.6

In many recent reviews, Apple’s OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard has been described primarily as a stability and performance update for 10.5 Leopard.  While in a lot of ways this is true, most reviewers while noting the new features and enhancements that have been introduced fail to see the bigger picture: while by themselves most of the new features are relatively small, they add up to a significant endorsement for the future of mobile computing.

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Time Zones and WiFi
Most posted reviews have mentioned that 10.6 automatically adjusts your timezone settings based on your current location, but few have said what this means to the business traveler (or backpacker or anyone who finds themselves on the go). Although Apple has a very small share of the personal computing market overall, it has made much larger strides in the notebook arena, especially among certain age demographics. This enhancement is a nod to their many users who actually travel with their machines and a convenience that will be more fully appreciated by those who find themselves using it the most often.

The WiFi icon also now displays an animation while it’s connecting. Again, while this is a minor change, it will make the process of connecting to other networks a little less frustrating.

Power Management
Owners of Apple notebooks have long known about the superiority of OS X battery management compared to other operating systems, and with Snow Leopard it’s gotten even better, with wake on demand functionality for supported hardware. This means you can share files and printers from a machine without always leaving it on.

Microsoft Exchange Support
For most medium to large businesses, or anyone with a lot of contacts to keep up with, Exchange is the de facto standard for contacts, scheduling and email management. While there is no version of Windows that supports Exchange ‘out of the box,’ Snow Leopard now connects to Exchange servers seamlessly, allowing Mail, iCal and Address Book to sync with your remote data, without requiring you to fork over a couple hundred dollars for more software.

10.6 Snow Leopard Training Video

Snow Leopard Tutorial & Training DVD

From Expose to Time Machine

From Expose to Time Machine

Whether you’re the proud owner or a Macbook or you’ve got an Apple-based desktop solution, Infinite Skills has a new training course to help you get the most out of Snow Leopard. In addition to the improvements mentioned above, which by and large work without any user intervention, 10.6 also brings a few new tools and features that are good for the user to be aware of. Whether you’re new to Macs or just wanting to bring yourself up to speed with the latest edition, this 6.5 hour course gives you the resources you need to get started.

Segmented into shorter videos based on detailed topics, the course covers OS X from top to bottom in a straightforward style that is easy to understand. Whether you’re watching online or on a purchased disk, you’ll be hard pressed to find a solution that better fits your schedule and budget. A full list of topics covered and a number of free samples are on the product page.

A Free Demo Movie

Below is a short sample movie that highlights some of the subjects covered on the training video, for more free demos please view the online Snow Leopard Tutorial Videos



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