Crystal Reports Tutorial and Training CD

Crystal Reports 2008 Training Video – Tutorial CD
Crystal Reports – More Prominent Than Ever

Over the years, there have been multiple choices for those wanting to organize their business data into meaningful reports. While it has always been a prominent contender on the list, Crystal Reports has gradually managed to expand its reach through strategic partnerships and improvement to its core product line.

After a multi-billion dollar merger with industry powerhouse SAP, Business Objects, the company behind Crystal, found itself in the perfect position to reach a wider user base across several important sectors. Crystal Reports 2008 saw an intelligent shift in how reports could be used: instead of just providing static information, they could also now update in real time and let viewers actually take relevant action through the report interface, whether it was ordering more inventory or sending personalized notices to a database of clients or customers.

Another bold move was opening Crystal to an expanding community of developers. Now packaged as a standard part of Microsoft’s Visual Studio development environment, coders can design complex and meaningful reporting tools in a number of widely-used programming languages. When combined with the Adobe Flash and Flex capabilities available to Crystal users, creative mash-ups and multi-use tools are in business users’ hands.

As always, Crystal Reports outputs to the most useful and accepted formats. Printable PDFs, standards-compliant XML files and other digital formats offer the choices that are most relevant to how decisions are made and business is now done.

The tutorial video uses a screencast of the Crystal interface.

The tutorial video uses a screencast of the Crystal interface.

Crystal and You
Just as the company behind Crystal has made strategic decisions in the development of its flagship product, choosing Crystal Reports for your needs can be a smart investment in the future of your business. Whether you’re in charge of a small operation finding itself more dependent on databases to track inventories and information or you’re interested in migrating your existing enterprise level systems to a solution that works, learning Crystal can be a step in the right direction. Its compatibility with a wide range of database formats means that accessing your data will be even easier than you think.

Crystal 2008 Tutorial – Training DVD
Crystal is a professional tool and not something you can learn on your own simply through everyday use. This Crystal Reports 2008 Fundamentals Training CD developed by Infinite Skills will acquaint you with everything you will need to get started, from the bare basics of configuring tools and templates to outputting mailing lists and dynamic documents in multiple formats.

Because it is narrated by top consultant Guy Vaccaro, you get a professional prospective that will directly apply to your actual needs. When combined with real world experience, the tutorial will give you a solid grounding in the software interface and an appreciation for the elegant reports that Crystal, when used properly, can provide.
Now in addition to letting you order a packaged copy of the course, Infinite Skills has an easy streaming video option that lets you view lessons online. More info is on the product page.



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