Windows 7 Tutorial and Training CD

Windows 7 Tutorial and Training CD

Safety & Security in Windows 7

Continuing the general trend in increasing the security of its products with each release, Microsoft has shipped Windows 7 as the most stable edition of the operating system to date. The security features and functionality within the OS are designed to give users more control over their data, and stop many of the more dangerous elements from putting users at risk today.

Intelligent Virus and Malware Protection
While Microsoft has not introduced a full anti-virus package with it’s OS as has been speculated in the past, it has put in some helpful tools and a robust defense against common types of spyware and malware that have become more commonplace in recent years. Windows Defender, which ships with Windows 7, is at the heart of this protection, and Microsoft offers its Security Essentials download from its site as another line of defense.

Security and Parental Controls
One of the main features users noticed in Windows Vista was the User Account Control function that alerted users when third party software needed access to sensitive system files. Unfortunately, the alerts were almost constant, and many users felt the notifications detracted from a seamless computing experience. The UAC in Windows 7 is intelligent and scalable, allowing users to adjust the settings to their own preferences and reducing the number of unnecessary warnings.

Parental controls are also improved in Windows 7, enabling users to place reasonable limits on the types of content and amount of computer use available to their children.

Windows 7 Tutorial – Training DVD

This Windows 7 Tutorial – Training CD from Infinite Skills will provide home and small business users with the knowledge they need to take total advantage of this new operating system. In this user-friendly training series, software expert Tony Northrup introduces the new features that Windows 7 makes available and guides you through the entire upgrade process and a wide range of specialized and everyday tasks.

Explore Windows 7 With Onscreen Assistance

Explore Windows 7 With Onscreen Assistance

Whether you are upgrading from an earlier edition of Windows or you’ve just purchased a completely new machine, understanding how this OS is different from prior versions and how it fundamentally works will increase the fun and efficiency with which you use your computer. The tutorials in this video course all present a live view of the Windows 7 desktop. This means that the tasks performed by the instructor onscreen will look exactly as they should on your own computer. This eliminates the vague advice you often get in training books by presenting an interactive interface that mirrors real world performance.

Since Tony covers so many topics, different users can take away their own benefits from the training. The lessons can be viewed in sequence or watched in the order you prefer. This frees you to learn at your own speed and derive the maximum benefit from the onscreen instruction.

The Windows 7 Tutorial – Training can be bought on disk from the Infinite Skills online store or viewed as streaming video through the website’s affordable subscriber plan.



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