AutoCAD 2010 Tutorial Video – CD

AutoCAD 2010 Tutorial Video – CD

AutoCAD 2010 : Compatibility at Your Command

Any time a new version of a professional software application is released, the existing user base has one concern: compatibility. Will the program play nice with the files I’ve already created with the older version? Will the software accept previously customized settings and tool panels, and will the program even run on my machine?

As a long-term player in the industries of engineering, architecture, and even fields as diverse as fashion design, AutoCAD has undergone several major revisions, leaving the developers at Autodesk particularly sensitive to the needs of its users. It’s crucially important that designers working with older or slightly different versions of the application can access their files and share their concepts and plans with a wide variety of clients and colleagues.

AutoCAD 2010 succeeds on multiple levels. Every few editions, Autodesk updates the DWG drawing file format to reflect enhancements in compression, portability, and metadata capabilities. After retaining the same format for the last three releases, AutoCAD has a new specification of the DWG filetype that reflects the expanding range in the AutoCAD product line. AutoCAD 2010 can still open DWG files created in an earlier edition, and it does feature export functionality, as well.

The big breakthrough, though, is the new DWG file’s cross-compatibility with the industry-specific versions of AutoCAD that have just been released. With the availability of AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Architecture, and AutoCAD MEP, there has never been such an extensive selection of professional tools available. Luckily, the new DWG file format runs natively in every one of these applications, allowing a seamless transfer of information and ideas across multiple workflows and areas of design and construction.

In addition, AutoCAD 2010 fully supports single- and multi-core systems, and has a new, improved PDF export option that make even more of the problems that arose in multiple-user environments a thing of the past.

New AutoCAD 2010 Tutorial Video – CD

Infinite Skills is now offering the perfect way to learn AutoCAD, for those just starting on their own as well as others who may know a few things but have had difficulties in the past. With expert guidance from longtime user Brian Benton, users will see how the software can be sufficiently customized and then used for almost any task.

Train Onscreen Within the AutoCAD Workspace

Train Onscreen Within the AutoCAD Workspace

Even the most impressive 3D objects have a 2D skeleton as their basis, so gaining a thorough knowledge of essential drafting and composition techniques will help you no matter what you plan to do. This comprehensive tutorial series gives an in-depth tour of AutoCAD 2010 and provides a number of examples that even users at the most basic skill level will be able to follow. Topics covered include Object Selection, Polylines and Their Uses, Hatching, Creating Blocks, Viewports, Plotting, Publishing and dozens more.

The AutoCAD 2010 product page includes a number of free demo videos and everything you will need to start learning today.



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