How to Create Alpha Channel Masks

Here you can quickly learn from Photoshop pro Andy Anderson how to make a new mask from an existing alpha channel. More tips can be found in our complete Photoshop CS5 training video course.

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  1. Hi Andy Anderson,

    This is an impressive guide to a feature which can be utilized in so many different ways. There is something I am searching for, however, which this guide comes close to answering, but, does not quite reach. I am trying to save bitmaps in photoshop with an alpha channel, but, I cannot seem to figure out how. I need to save bitmap images with certain parts of the image being transparent, and, I have been playing around with an alpha channel for a while with no results. Is there any way you can make another video like this which shows how to create a .bmp with certain areas transparent/translucent? I would really appreciate it.

    Shawn Deprey

  2. Bob

    Andy, I just want to “thumbs up” your video tutorial on how to create alpha channel masks. I came across your video while searching for information on the topic and have to say that I really enjoyed the video as well as learned a great deal. I’ve watched a lot of different tutorial videos the past few years, but you have a real knack at being thorough as well as keeping a good pace with someone trying to learn something. I’m very interested in watching other videos by you. Thanks for the help!

  3. Chris

    Great video Andy. Thanks. Hey Shawn, try saving the image as a png. This works with some transparency issues. Don’t know if it will work with yours, but try that out. This keep transparency wherever you have it in the image.

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