Adobe Flash CS5 Tutorial – How to Work with Scenes

In this quick Adobe Flash tutorial by author Andy Anderson, you’ll learn the concept of using scenes within your projects. Click on the link or preview below to get started.

Understanding Flash Scenes

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  1. Thank you so much for this post, I’m a beginner to flash and was a little puzzled over the use of scenes.

    This really helped me out

  2. vinod

    Thank you for the stuff displayed , but bit more intercativity on scenes are quiet useful for me.If you dont mind could you please tell me how to control scene play back by using buttons.

  3. Evan Dark

    So in a nutshell, scenes just serve as a way to segment a long flash movie. I was puzzled because there is nothing that resembles scenes in the SWF format, so it’s exactly identical to a single long flash timeline.

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