Adobe Acrobat X Tutorial – Using OCR to Scan Text

This Acrobat X Tutorial clip shows how to take scanned text and convert it into a digitally usable format. It’s narrated by Adobe Certified Expert Mike Hoffman.

Using OCR to Digitize Text



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  1. Ron

    What’s missing in this, though, and maybe in Acrobat, is the ability to correct flat out mistakes that the Acrobat file makes when it does text recognition. Probably mistakes it lets you fix. But I am working with documents that have things like a macron a (ā)which it recognizes as plain a without hesitation. We need to make those corrections in the underlying searchable text. Can that be done?

  2. JLBures

    I was directed by a work pierce to explore the OCR feature in the Adobe Acrobat X, and to my surprise it worked extremely good.

    I read that OCR has come a long, long way, since it’s introduction and that is a fact. I’ve been doing print production for many years now and I stopped using OCR software because of its inaccurate results.

    I’m glad to confirm that Adobe has brought it up to a point where it’s UI (user interface) is very friendly and more important, pretty accurate.

    It use to be a hassle. Not anymore.

    Keep in mind that it helps to have the copy area clean of any photo or background noise, when possible.

    My final comment…

    Mr. Mike Hoffman, ACE…great tutorial, in every way!
    And Adobe, you made my day, not shabby at all!

    Thanks a lot.


    Art Director, Print Production Specialist
    Digital Graphic Concepts

  3. james

    Dear sir,

    It doen,t work for lucida handwriting fonts scan duccument so wad to do for this type of fonts.


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