Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tutorial – Opacity and Blending

Trainer Andy Anderson guides you through the transparency and layer blending modes in this Adobe Illustrator tutorial. He goes step by step through options available in Illustrator’s Transparency panel that users coming from Photoshop will find especially helpful.

This is just a single preview from our 10-hour Learning Adobe Illustrator CS6 training course.

For more info on the InfiniteSkills Illustrator CS6 Tutorial series – and even more free demos, check out our Adobe Illustrator Training area on the main site.

Just click on the video to begin watching now. The expand button makes any video go full screen.

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  1. Belle

    I have been using Illustrator Cs5 for a long time to draw cartoons and I’ve always set the opacity fairly low and used the pencil tool to draw. I don’t understand how to lock the opacity settings for a tool/layer in CS6. Is there anyway I can continue to draw in a set opacity instead of having to click each object and set its opacity? Any help would be appreciated!!

    Thank you!

  2. Tushar

    Perfect blending of teaching qualities,viz,clear speech,nice pronunciation,good voice,explained in such a way that even an idiot will understand,in all layers of cognitive brain,in one stroke(click of play button).No opacity(completely transparent).As clear and sharp as a vector image.God bless you.Very very helpful.

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