Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tutorial – Spot Color and Swatches

In this Illustrator tutorial, InfiniteSkills author Andy Anderson shows how to create a custom color swatch and set it as a global spot color that can use across all of your projects, especially those designed to go to press.

This is just one highlight from our 10-hour Learning Adobe Illustrator CS6 training series.

For more info on the InfiniteSkills Illustrator CS6 Tutorial course – and even more free demos, check out our Adobe Illustrator Training area on the main site.

Just click on the video to begin watching now. The expand button makes any video go full screen.

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  1. Dan

    Terrific video, easy to follow, well explained. Perfect for those of us that need to learn illustrator on the run. Thanks!

  2. ken bishop

    Hi- have a small problem- have searched everywhere and spoken to many people and no one seems to know how to correct this. was given a file and in the swatches were about 100 colors. I created a black square, copied it and pasted it into a new file. the 100 colors followed the black square. I went back to the original file and deleted all objects, selected all unused colors and deleted them. made a new black square and copied it into a new file. boom- all the colors appeared in the swatches. I would ordinarily just delete the file but need some of the images created in them. how do I unlink or simply get rid of all these colors? they infect everything. If you can help- thank you, if not- have a great day anyway. ken

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