Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Layers 101 an Introduction

You’ll learn how to speed up common tasks and automate big chunks of your workflow in this hands-on Photoshop tutorial narrated by Andy Anderson of InfiniteSkills.

This tutorial is just one short example from the full InfiniteSkills Photoshop CS6 training series.

For more info on our Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial course – and additional free demos, check out our Adobe Photoshop Training Page on our main site.

Simply click on the video to begin watching now. The expand button makes any video go full screen.

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  1. Lucas Yastrebov

    RE: Andy Anderson of Infinite Skills: Of all the Adobe lesson instructors Mr. Anderson has the best diction, explantion of lessons. He is extremely clear explaining all the functions of the layers. However, it would be a very nice if you would make an “index structure” so a student can go from lesson to lesson in sequence to learn. Currently there is no sequence and you just float from lesson to lesson without any correlation. Example: Lesson 101 intro. Lesson 2 functions of layers. Lesson 3 etc. In the end you are producing these videos to teach photoshop to make it easier. Also, it would be extremely valuable for your students if we can download and build a Photoshop library with lessons. You can do the same with each tool of Photoshop, not just layers. Your comments will be appreciated regarding implementation of my ideas.

  2. DMB

    There should be a button to take you to the next episode of the series.
    Now I dont know how to go to the next one.

  3. Yasmini

    Thank you so much, that is extremelly helpfull for a begginer as myself! Really really thanks =)

  4. John Richardson

    This was my first look at your site. The Layers Section 101, was presented brilliantly simple.
    If I were just starting out this would be the perfect example.
    I loved it. Thank you!!

  5. Deloris Burkholder

    Hello Everyone,

    I started in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh,PA
    I’am going to be a Photographer, and i am on week 3 of the classes. If everyone wants to give me some pointers, I would greatly appreciate advice.

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