Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Refine a Selection

You’ll learn how to speed up common tasks and automate big chunks of your workflow in this hands-on Photoshop tutorial narrated by Andy Anderson of InfiniteSkills.

This tutorial is just one short example from the full InfiniteSkills Photoshop CS6 training series.

For more info on our Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial course – and additional free demos, check out our Adobe Photoshop Training Page on our main site.

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  1. Robert Olivas Jr.

    I would like to know How To download excersize files to follow along. I am currently a student at The Art Institution of Pittsburgh.Web Design & Interactive Media. And I would really Like to master the art of masking in Photoshop Cs6.As of now, I do have I believe, most of the software that is required for my current course. Also would like to know if I can get some input on selecting a graphic drawing tablet,and what I need to, or how to install on my pc. I have never used one before ,But I do have experience as a traditional artist,so drawing is not a problem. I am kind of new to the whole computer world so any tips or advise would be greatly appreciated. I am and will be an Adobe fan for life, or till the wheels fall off. Hats of to your amazing team of wonderful People. “Mil Gracias”……..Robert Olivas Jr……..

  2. Mark Bogarin

    I am having trouble with the refine edge. After I make my selection, I use the brush to refine the edge. I am still loosing a lot of hair, the brush is not determining what is hair and what is background, need help.

    Thank you,

  3. Gary Spector

    I am also having a lot of problems with refine edge. I am trying to silhouette and image from a white background. Simple enough….. It is a portrait of a business man, who needs to be inserted into a group photo. I have been working on this photo for hours, and I cannot separate it from the background without getting a white halo all around the photo. I have tried everything. I am completely frustrated. I used to use the extract tool in CS4, and it worked way better than this. If anybody can offer any help, I would be very appreciative.


  4. A Escorcia

    I could not make work bringing the 2 initial files from Bridge into CS6 the way you did. When I selected the 2 files holding shift and then double clicked, the 2 came to CS6 as separate tabs instead of 2 layers within the same tab file.

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