The Adobe Creative Cloud and Infinite Skills

As you may have heard, Adobe has announced that it is moving all of its primary creative applications to its expansive online service, the Creative Cloud. There are many details and changes outlined in the letter from their team on the Adobe site.


Whether you are excited or cautious about what these changes will bring, we at InfiniteSkills have been preparing for this change, and we want to make it clear that our training will be as up to date and up to standard as you’ve come to expect. Here are a few things you can look forward to as our new Adobe training courses roll out:


New tutorials for new Adobe products. We have been working with Adobe and its latest prerelease versions to have new courses ready for you. Tutorials for Photoshop CC, Premiere Pro CC, InDesign CC, and Illustrator CC are in the pipeline, with more to come. We’re bringing back fan-favorite instructors Andy Anderson and Jeff Sengstack, too!


Incremental, focused courses. With its cloud model, Adobe won’t be releasing sweeping changes with every new version of its software. All indications suggest updates and upgrades will happen more gradually, so where it makes sense, our training will follow suit. We will be covering all of the primary Creative Cloud applications as they are presented at launch. But as feature sets begin to shift, you can expect to see offerings from us that focus on new features you need to know.


Integration with Adobe. As part of the announcement, Adobe has said they will be offering better access to high-quality instruction as part of the Creative Cloud package. As a respected member of the training community, we have been working with them step by step, and you will actually see some InfiniteSkills videos within your Cloud application. We will still have the most complete coverage in our DVDs, downloads, and iOS app. But expect to see some familiar faces.


You can count on InfiniteSkills to provide current and complete training on a wide range of topics, whether developed by Adobe, Autodesk, or anyone else out there, as long as people are using it. And if there’s a topic or program we aren’t covering that you would like to see, just let us know. We’re always listening to our fans, and that’s where some of our best ideas come from.




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