Project 2013 Tip: Create and Run a Macro

Anyone who has used Microsoft Office products over the years has probably heard of macros, even if you are not quite sure what they are or how they work. Put simply, a macro is a way of recording or programming a common, repetitive task or series of commands so that you can save time.

In this video, InfiniteSkills author Guy Vacarro shows how to create a macro in Microsoft Project 2013, showing you how to record a quick formatting procedure for adjusting the font in a sheet. It’s a sample from our new Microsoft Project 2013 Tutorial Video course.

From the VIEW tab, you just go to the Macros icon, click and select the Record Macro selection.

You’ll then see a dialog box that will give you multiple options for naming and configuring your macro before recording. Guy walks you step by step, through choosing a sensible naming convention, to choosing whether the macro will be global or local to the sheet, to choosing between relative and absolute references.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a universal whole-sheet macro for font formatting. Once you click OK on the Record Macro settings dialog, all actions you perform will become part of your macro.

Once you are finished, you go back to the Macros icon in the ribbon and select Stop Recording.



This is just one free video sample from the complete Project 2013 training course. Several more can be found on the product page.



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