How to Add Tasks to the Calendar in Outlook 2013

While the daily task feature in Microsoft Outlook is great on its own, it’s pretty easy to get disoriented when you have more than a few. By assigning your tasks their own place in the Calendar, you can specify times and days you want tasks to begin and end. While this may sound like a tedious extra step, it’s quite easy with Outlook 2013’s built-in drag and drop functionality. It’s a bit of a hidden feature, but in this video from our Outlook 2013 Training Video course, author Erin Olson shows you how it works.
The key is bringing up the task list while in the Calendar view. Go to the View tab and click onĀ Daily Task List, highlighted in the image below. From the submenu, choose the option Normal.

task list


You will now have access to a list at the bottom of your screen, with your previously saved tasks. Feel free to drag and drop into your Calendar on any date and time you would like. To see the whole process and get additional advice, watch the free video below.


A lot of people think of Outlook as an email program, but once you know how it works, its wide range scheduling and organization features are hard to find anywhere else. Our full Outlook 2013 tutorial video course includes 10 hours of lessons on everything a beginner needs to get productive. Are there any other tips you’d like to see? As always, just let us know in the comments.



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