Course Preview: Adobe InDesign CC Training by Jeff Witchel

To round out our complete coverage of the major programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud, we have an Adobe InDesign CC course currently in development. If you are an Adobe Creative Cloud user, you may have already seen some of our training videos integrated into your installation. Our upcoming Beginners InDesign CC Tutorial Video is authored by Jeff Witchel, who has also authored numerous InDesign training video courses for us over the last few years.
jeffwitchelWe took a few minutes to talk with Jeff about the new course, and have a couple of videos to share with you, too.
1) What new features in InDesign CC strike you as the most useful for daily use?
As soon as you open this new version of InDesign, you’ll know things have changed. The new default Dark Interface is stunning. Adobe has added lots of little features to InDesign CC, but the major improvement is under the hood. InDesign was totally rewritten from the ground up to support 64-bit. This means a huge improvement in the speed of the application even in the most complex documents.
2) What is one aspect of learning InDesign that can be hard for beginners, and how do you approach it in this course?
The hardest part of learning any new application is remembering where the features are within the program. I hear all the time from new students of InDesign asking “Where did Adobe hide all of these great features?” I make sure to cover the logic of the interface and why various features and commands are located under certain menus.
3) Do you think the program is becoming more capable for handling layouts for digital media as well as print? Is there a lot of crossover in how the two forms of media should be approached?
While Digital Publishing is not covered in this basic training, InDesign does make it easy to turn your print content into engaging interactive layouts for the iPad and other tablet devices. Most digital version of magazines today start in InDesign.
Editor’s note: Digital publishing techniques will receive coverage in a future advanced InDesign training course.


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