Pushing Adobe Photoshop to the Limit – with Jeff Sengstack

Everyone is aware of Photoshop’s amazing capabilities for photo editing and graphic design. Not only is it the most popular tool on the desktop of photographers and designers worldwide, “photo” is in the name.
But Photoshop is also packed with lesser known features for video editing and 3D design, something we’ve decided to help you master in our Editing Video with Photoshop and 3D Modeling in Photoshop Training Video courses. Both series are brought to you by Adobe certified expert Jeff Sengstack, and provide detailed, hands-on walkthroughs of functionality that is relatively new to Photoshop as well as a few features that have been hiding for years.
Why would you want to edit videos in Photoshop when there are other, dedicated tools out there for the job? A few reasons. Photoshop plays nice with digital cameras and DSLRs that are being increasingly used for recording HD video. Furthermore, sometimes you just need to make a few quick cuts from a clip without launching into a full production environment.
The other consideration, for video editing as well as 3D design, is workflow. Just because you handle one aspect of editing or content creation in Photoshop doesn’t mean that you can’t then export your work for the next stage in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Autodesk Mudbox, or Maya.
Here are a couple of free Photoshop tutorials from the 3.5-hour Video Editing series, which also covers basic animation and effects techniques:

Walking through a Project

Rearranging And Trimming Clips

Exporting a Timeline to H.264

And here are three free tutorials from the more extensive 8-hour 3D Modeling course:
Making 3D Objects from Everyday Items

Using A Bump Map To Give An Object Texture

Exporting 3D Layers As Standard 3D File Types

At Infinite Skills, we’re always looking for ways to help you do more with the software you have. Push the boundaries of the technology and your creativity. In both courses highlighted above, we provide work files that make following along easy. More free videos can be found on our YouTube channel and the individual product pages.



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