AutoCAD 2014 Q&A with Author Brian Benton

Though Autodesk keeps pushing the limits in 3D design and BIM with programs like Maya and Revit, its core product AutoCAD is still remains as important as ever. If you use AutoCAD on a regular basis, you know why: it allows you to create and scale original designs and technical drawings with precision and ease, once you understand how its basic tools work. AutoCAD 2014 lets you plan, create and share without limits, and our AutoCAD 2014 Beginners and AutoCAD 2014 Advanced training courses will bring you up to speed with new features and the core features that make AutoCAD such an asset across so many core industries.
As in the past, we also offer the two AutoCAD courses as the AutoCAD 2014 Tutorial Bundle, for a discounted price.
brian-bentonWe took a few minutes to talk with series author Brian Benton (who also has an awesome AutoCAD blog) about the new courses, and have some free video samples to share, too!
1) Which new features in AutoCAD 2014 that you think will make a big difference for the typical user (or beginner)?
The command line has new features in it that can help new and old users alike. When you type in a a command it has an Autocomplete feature that will speed that process up. It will also help you enter in long or obscure commands. You won’t have to remember, or fully type dataextraction or customerinvolvementprogram. The command line also has AutoCorrect and Synonym Suggestions (which you can preset yourself).
2) What role does collaboration play in the CAD process?
Collaboration is one of the biggest issues an AutoCAD user will have to deal with regardless of design industry. We will always have to work with others; even a small one person business. Always keep in mind that your files/drawings make sense to you, but other people will have to use them. Before you begin, determine what your client/manager/boss/coworker eventually needs in a final product and how they will be handling the data.
3) What is one aspect of AutoCAD that you think beginners have a tendency to overlook or underestimate?
New users are often overwhelmed with amount of tools and settings in AutoCAD, so they ignore what they don’t know. This limits users to a small set of commands, thus limiting what they can do with the program. To use AutoCAD means to be in a constant state of training. If not, you will be left behind. “Old” users often ignore the new features in a new release. This should also be avoided.


Creating Blocks

Advanced Dimensioning Tools And Settings




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