Hiding and Revealing Project Elements in Revit Architecture 2014

When working with plans in Revit Architecture, there often comes a need to temporarily hide certain features within a drawing. Almost as important as drafting itself, controlling how your projects are displayed onscreen is fundamental to maintaining an efficient workflow and sharing your work as it progresses. Today, we have a walkthrough direct from our new Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014 tutorial video course, authored by Brian Myers.
Going step by step, in this example Brian shows you how to access the program’s HIDE and ISOLATION features for individual elements as well as whole categories. While this is fairly basic functionality, it’s exactly the sort of tip that beginners need to know, and one of 100 different tutorials that can be found in the complete 7-hour course.

Learning how to hide and show elements comes down to understanding the two button panels at the bottom of your workspace, the TEMPORARY HIDE/ISOLATE panel, represented by an eyeglasses icon, and the REVEAL HIDDEN ELEMENTS panel, represented by a lightbulb.


The first lets you quickly hide selected objects or types of objects while you are working, while the second lets you retrieve hidden aspects of a drawing once they have been applied to be hidden throughout your entire project view. In this free video, Brian demonstrates the functionality point by point.

More free Revit tutorials can be found on our YouTube channel as well as the Revit 2014 training product page. The beginners course is also just one half of the full Revit Architecture 2014 tutorial bundle, also available online and on DVD-ROM.




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