Featured Course: Expert tips to create special effects in Cinema 4D

In addition to our Learning Maxon Cinema 4D R14 Training video course, designed to introduce you to Cinema 4D and show you how to create 3D models with the software, we have just released a new Cinema 4D Special Effects Techniques Training Video course. This new 5-hour, 45 lesson training course allows the author to introduce you to some of his favourite special effects techniques. One of the things you will learn about is a new time saving feature involving the collaboration between Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. This new feature dictates that any changes you make in Cinema 4D will automatically be made in Adobe After Effects.

chrismartinChris Martin, author of this course and our Maxon Cinema 4D R14 training course, is a leading expert in 3D modelling and animation. He is constantly searching for the most recent, cutting edge 3D content to continue his personal educational growth. Chris also likes to exercise and play racquetball in order to stay fit both mentally and physically.

In order to show you how you will benefit from this course and the exciting special effects techniques you will learn, we are going to share three free tutorial videos with you. You can watch more free movies or purchase the full training course on our Maxon Cinema 4D page.


How to  track footage in Adobe After Effects

In this tutorial video, Chris shows you how to use the 3D tracker that is built into Adobe After Effects (CS6 or later versions). You will be able to motion track footage in 3D and attach a 2D element all within Adobe After Effects, rather than having to use a third-party plug-in.



Keying Out the actor

Chris teaches you his technique for keying out an actor from a green screen using Adobe After Effects.



Simulating hi-res

Chris takes you through working with fluid dynamics and Realflow step by step, demonstrating how to simulate hi-res in Cinema 4D.




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