Advanced AutoCAD 2014 Tutorial – Solids and Donuts

BrianBentonHeadIn this Advanced AutoCAD 2014 tutorial presented by Infinite Skills author Brian Benton, you will learn about two unique commands and object types. The solid command creates a 2D-filled polygon. It can consist of as little as 3 points like a triangle, or as many as 4 points like a 4-sided polygon. If you want something round, like a circle, use the donut command. A donut consists of 2 arced polylines that are joined together end to end and are concentric. Brian will explain and show you how to use the solid and donut commands in this tutorial video.

This is just one preview from the full 14.75-hour Infinite Skills Advanced AutoCAD 2014 tutorial video series. For more free videos, feel free to explore this blog and check out the Advanced AutoCAD 2014 training page on our main website.




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