Get to Know the Author: Guy Vaccaro

You may know Guy Vaccaro from one of his many Microsoft training courses he does for Infinite Skills – from teaching the basics of Microsoft Word to Advanced Formulas and Functions in Microsoft Excel. We had the opportunity to chat with Guy and get to know him on a more personal level. He has also been kind enough to share some of his personal photos with us (check them out at the end of the post!)! Here’s what he had to say:

Infinite Skills (IS): How did you get started in your field of teaching?

Guy Vaccaro (GV): By accident. I was working for a training company that specialized in Retail Training, and then Bill Gates invented Windows and revolutionized offices at that time. Some people adapted better than others, and I became the go-to guy whenever anybody needed anything doing on their PC. Things developed, and that became my actual role as a Computer Trainer (although in reality I have not ever trained one computer in my life, just humans in how to make best use of computers!).

I describe myself as an outside in kind of trainer, rather than an inside-out, in that I have learned my IT skills from the outside of a computer, not from being an IT geek who then teaches others. I feel this helps me empathize with learners a lot more because I have been through the same process as them (even if it was quite a few years ago!) and can apply the applications more to the work place.

IS: What do you think about the advancement of technology as it applies to your area of expertise?

GV: With desktop applications we have been seeing slicker and smoother interfaces and the widening of devices that applications will run on. Who would have thought that you would be able to write a CV on a phone?!

IS: What’s been your favourite course to teach for Infinite Skills thus far?

GV: I love Excel – well, any data crunching really – so when I do the Excel titles I really get quite excited, and hopefully that comes across in the delivery.

IS: What do you do when you’re not teaching an Infinite Skills course? – I.e. hobbies, interests.

GV: Outside of Infinite Skills I do development work on database and website systems – boring to some but interesting to me. I particularly like it when there are hard problems to resolve, as the pleasure in cracking some of the toughest nuts has got to be the best.

Outside of work I have two children that are heavily into their ponies, which makes me the top groomer, mucker-outer, horse feeder, and wagon driver in the world. My wife and I both used to ride but now have no time. We regularly attend shows with the children and have a house full of rosettes and awards.

My biggest personal achievement was learning to swim in 2012 after a lifetime of being a non-swimmer, proving you are never too old to learn new things, which was always my philosophy both in and out of the work arena.

Check out Guy’s personal photos below!







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