Q&A with AutoCAD Expert Shaun Bryant


Shaun Bryant is the author of many of our AutoCAD training courses. He’s taught beginner courses such as Learning AutoCAD Electrical 2014, and more advanced mini titles, including AutoCAD Blocks and Dynamic Blocks and AutoCAD – Space Planning. We spoke with Shaun about his experience with AutoCAD and opinions and knowledge on the program.

Infinite Skills: Can you tell us about yourself – I.e. your AutoCAD background, hobbies, interests.

Shaun Bryant: I am an Autodesk Approved Instructor and an Autodesk Certified Professional for AutoCAD 2013. I have worked in the Autodesk channel for many years as a freelance consultant and trainer, providing clients with consultancy services around their Autodesk products and building training programs to help them use their Autodesk CAD products more efficiently and productively. I also work closely with Autodesk as a blogger and journalist, and create training material on their products. I am also on the Board of Directors for Autodesk User Group International (AUGI) and look after their Local User Group (LUG) program.

When I am away from AutoCAD, I am a singer and a songwriter building up a worldwide presence, with my first album release on iTunes in June 2012. I am currently working on the material for my second album, due for release late 2014.

Infinite Skills: How long have you been an AutoCAD user?

Shaun Bryant: I have used AutoCAD since 1988, when I started on AutoCAD V.10 for MS-DOS, so I am coming up to just over a quarter of a century of AutoCAD experience!

Infinite Skills: How has AutoCAD changed over the years?

Shaun Bryant: AutoCAD changed dramatically when Microsoft Windows came along, and it has improved, year on year, ever since. The latest version, AutoCAD 2014, now links in to Autodesk’s cloud-based applications, providing mobility and flexibility, allowing the user to use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones with their drawings and designs.

Infinite Skills: What are some useful features in AutoCAD that you think users tend to overlook or may not know about?

Shaun Bryant: Dynamic blocks are incredible and save a huge amount of time when creating AutoCAD block families. Annotative scaling is also a superb way of ensuring consistent text and dimensioning across multiple scaled viewports.

Infinite Skills: What is a key time saving feature in AutoCAD?

Shaun Bryant: Using viewports effectively across numerous layout tabs, thus only needing the one DWG file and doing all your work in the same model space.

Infinite Skills: What’s your favourite trick to share?

Shaun Bryant: The STARTUP variable. This switches on the Startup dialog box, providing a clearer way of opening new drawings for new users, using AutoCAD template files (DWT’s).

Infinite Skills: What do you think could be improved upon in AutoCAD?

Shaun Bryant: AutoCAD is a VERY established product on the Windows platform already. I would like to see the development for AutoCAD for Mac come in line with AutoCAD for Windows, as I believe the Apple Mac to be a very stable platform for AutoCAD, with solid hardware and great graphics capability such as the Apple Retina display on their screens.

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