Adobe Updates the Cloud…And We’re On It

If you’ve got the Adobe Creative Cloud (or have been following our Facebook page where we are GIVING IT AWAY), you may have noticed that Adobe released a swarm of updates for some of its main graphic design programs last week. And unlike the bug fixes and patches the company regularly rolls out, some great new features have been introduced, as well. Fittingly, we’ve got some new tutorials to make sure you’re covered!


Adobe claims that the Creative Cloud model is going to do away with major product version shifts such as CS1 through CS6, and instead new features will appear on a rolling basis. This means that our training offerings will similarly have to adapt and grow, and we’ve been preparing for it.

Here’s a summary of some of the great new videos you can expect to go live in their appropriate courses. Subscribers to the online learning library should be able to access the new versions of these videos right away.


Photoshop CC

While the most exciting update to Photoshop is probably its support of 3D printers, they have also added and enhanced smart objects and its perspective and patterning tools. We’ll deal with the 3D features in a future hands-on course, but for now, we have these new and updated lessons (with corresponding chapter and lesson numbers). And just for our blog readers, we’ve decided to share a few for free!

  • 0308 Linked Smart Objects

  • 1411 Perspective Warp

  • 1608 Deco Scripted Fills

Illustrator CC

Illustrator has introduced a number of enhancements to its core vector drawing and shape tools, as well as further support for font design. Here are our modified and updated lessons:

  • 0312 Resizing an Artboard From Center
  • 0313 Generating a Customized Tool Panel
  • 0504 The Improved Illustrator Swatches Panel 
  • 0805 Working wiith Illustrators New Live Corners 

  • 0809 Using theBlob, Paintbrush & Pencil Tools  
  • 0906 Reshaping Objects 

  • 1011 Adding Fonts with Illustrator’s Type Kit 
  • 1206 Enhancments to the Layers Panel 


What’s your favorite new feature in the Creative Cloud? Comment below. And of course, don’t forget about our Facebook promotion that gives you a chance to win a FREE subscription  to Adobe’s service for a year.



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