5 Excel Tutorials, Ranked By Popular Demand

We’ve collected five of the best tutorials from our long line of Excel courses, ranking them by the most number of views on YouTube. Is that scientific? Maybe not, but it won’t stop you from using some of these tips to organize your data and more efficiently make calculations, whether you are doing scientific work or not.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used programs in the world, spanning more than 400 million users across business, finance, academic, engineering and scientific fields. And while most professionals have some idea of how to use it for basic jobs or tasks specific to their needs, there is always more to learn.

Here are the most popular Excel tutorials on our YouTube channel, starting with number one.

1. How to Use Nested IF Statements

How many IFs can you fit within an IF? Guy Vacarro gets hands-on in this clip from our first Excel training course with over 21,000 views.

2. Using a Formula to Rank Scores

Guy shows how to use the RANK function to tackle some sample test scores in this Excel 2010 training clip. 16,000 viewers have been helped so far.

3. Creating Dropdown List Boxes with Visual Basic for Excel

You’ll learn how to create a functional drowpdown list in this hands-on tutorial from our VBA for Excel course.

4. Using SmartArt Graphics in Excel

Guy provides a step by step tour of the smart graphics available in Excel.

5. What is a Pivot Table?

In this Excel 2013 Tutorial, gives you a helpful overview of what a Pivot table is and what you can use it to do. Subsequent lessons show you how to customize and use them to their full advantage.

And the rest…

Are you wanting to learn how to create your own scripts and programs using VBA? Looking to more effectively filter data, or maybe use the program’s Sparkline functionality? Check out all of our free Excel tutorials on our YouTube channel HERE, and also be sure check out our full lineup of affordable Excel courses in our catalog.



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