Download the InDesign CC Cheat Sheet

Did you know that you can bring an object to the top layer by hitting Shift+Cmd+] on a Mac or Shift+Ctrl+] on a PC? And you can instantly add a copyright symbol with Opt+G or Alt+G?


Following up on our popular cheat sheets for Photoshop and Illustrator, here are our quick keyboard tips for Adobe InDesign CC for Mac and Windows. While it can feel a little awkward at first to stretch your fingers into some of these combinations (and you may have to look down), they will quickly become second nature once you realize how much time you can save performing common tasks.

We have also included JPG versions for those who prefer to simply view it as an image onscreen.

For additional tips and onscreen guidance, check out our detailed InDesign CC Tutorial Video course by Jeff Witchel.



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