Featured Course: Adobe Edge Animate CC

Adobe Edge Animate is a simple program to use, allowing you to create motion and interactive content using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, without having to write any code. In our new Adobe Edge Animate CC training course, taught by expert author and animator Tony Ross, you will learn how to create images, work with type and web fonts, and create buttons and drop-menus, among many other topics. Tony has over 20 years of experience in teaching and training computer graphics, video, web design, and animation.

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The Adobe Edge Animate Interface

If you’re a web designer, interactive designer, or a web developer looking to boost your content for the web, then Edge Animate is the program for you. Available for both Mac and Windows OS, Edge Animate is designed with creative professionals in mind.

Loaded with useful features (too many to name them all), this program allows its users to design expressive, animated content with ease. Some of the popular features you’ll use in the program include:

  • Adding motion and interactivity to existing HTML layouts
  • Syncing audio files, making animations responsive, and adding JavaScript libraries to extend your projects
  • Integrating 3rd party libraries like jQuery UI for expanded capabilities
  • Editing code using the Actions Editor, which lets you enter custom JavaScript code for a function
  • Creating animated content – animate HTML elements like text, images, and more
  • Creating compositions from scratch by using drawing and text tools and imported web graphics

With Edge Animate CC, any content you create is designed to work on iOS and Android devices, as well as in popular browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. If you’re familiar with Flash, After Effects, or animating using Photoshop, then you should have no problem learning the tools in Edge Animate, because all of these programs share similarities.

In our new Edge Animate CC training course, you’ll dive into the features of the program, following along with Ross every step of the way. He’ll show you how to best arrange your workspace for your needs. He’ll also teach you how to import images from Photoshop and Illustrator, and show you the integration between the programs. You’ll cover basic animation, audio, and responsive staging, concluding with the various ways to export your projects.

If you’re looking to create animated, interactive content for your web projects, then our Adobe Edge Animate CC training course is worth a look. Check out the free videos on our site to learn more about Tony’s teaching style, and see what you can learn!



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