Interview with a Photographer: The CoffeeShop Blog

The photography industry is ever changing. With the introduction of the smart phone, photo editing software, and social media channels like Instagram, the world is seeing photographers popping up everywhere. Nowadays, photographers have so many resources available at their fingertips to edit their photos and really get their creative juices flowing. 

We caught up with Rita, a photographer and the owner of the CoffeeShop Blog, to bring you her thoughts on how the industry has changed, and also to share her photography tips and tricks, for new and experienced photographers alike.

Hailing from Texas, this stay-at-home mom of two boys describes herself as being “completely addicted to photography and enhancing photos with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.” She got into photography years ago when she received a 110 camera for Christmas in the 1970’s, but she really became passionate about it when she had her two sons. “I couldn’t stop taking photos of them,” she exclaims.

rita and family

Rita, her husband, and their two sons

Before going digital, Rita spent hours dodging and burning her images in a closet darkroom, getting frustrated when she’d print color prints that would be slightly “off.” She started using Photoshop when it first came out, but really started to learn the ins and outs of digital editing when she was at home with her young sons. “I spent many late nights reading Photoshop and Lightroom books, visiting photography/editing blogs, and experimenting on my computer,” she says. Her favorite go-to editing trick in Photoshop is to add a levels adjustment layer and put it in soft light or overlay blending mode to instantly add some contrast to an image.

With people taking more photos than ever, Rita notices they aren’t getting them printed. “We post our snapshots on our social sites or include them in text messages, but I miss the days when we would pass around prints and fill up photo albums,” says Rita.

For those aspiring photographers, Rita suggests reading your camera manual and a few good photography books, visiting photography websites and blogs for tutorials and inspiration, and actually getting out there and learning how to shoot manually in all types of lighting. “Take notes as you are shooting and learn from your own photos,” says Rita.

“Don’t be afraid to play with your settings, you might create magic!”

She also stresses that it doesn’t take expensive equipment or a professional license to capture a beautiful image. You just need to learn how to use your camera and get out there and shoot.

But aside from lining up the perfect shot, achieving the best lighting, editing the image in a darkroom or with a photo editing program, Rita says her favorite thing about photography is “capturing a moment in time.”

To help you get started on photo editing, check out our large selection of photo editing training tutorials, including Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photoshop Elements.

Before and After shots

before and after

A before and after shot of Rita’s two sons

before and adter

A before and after edit that demonstrates Rita’s artistic editing style using textures



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