New Release: Rhino Modeling Techniques

Adding to our long-running lineup of Rhinoceros 3D training courses, we’re pleased to announce a new short course for learning Rhino Modeling Techniques. Targeted toward intermediate and advanced users who may have even already gone through our introductory training titles, this new 4-hour course focuses on the creation of a model toy car from start to finish, beginning with initial sketches and taking you through the prep work of 3D printing or CNC prototyping.

This is the first Infinite Skills tutorial for author Kyle Houchens, but he is no stranger to Rhino or professional 3D design. In addition to owning his own design and consultancy firm, Kyle works as a technical advisor for McNeel, the developers of Rhino 3D. In more than two decades of professional experience, he’s created thousands of digital models for consumer products, toys, and automotive components.

These exciting new lessons will help you learn through a multi stage project, within a best practices workflow that professionals such as Kyle actually use day in and day out. Rhino Modeling Techniques is now available as a digital download for $24.95 or instantly streaming in the Learning Library. Here we’re featuring all of the lessons from the course’s second chapter to show you what you can expect.

Chapter 2: Building The Wheel And Tire

Using the Revolve Command

Building the Hub and Spokes

Filleting The Hub, Spokes And Rims

Using the Mirror Command



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