Adobe Lightroom Tutorial – Using the Healing and Clone Tool

One of our most viewed YouTube videos comes from our Lightroom 4 training course, taught by expert author and photographer Andy Anderson, which shows you how to correct blemishes and remove unwanted items using the healing and clone tool. 

Did you know you have the power to remove unwanted marks and blemishes from your photos? In this tutorial, Andy shows you the power of the healing and clone tool in Lightroom. Using the clone tool is simple: once you’ve selected the tool, hover your mouse over the spot you want to select and click once. TIP: if you want to adjust the size of the brush, just press the left and right brackets to increase or decrease the brush size.


Once you’ve clicked and selected the area you want to fix, you’ll get two circles: the spot you’re fixing and the spot you fixing it with. So if you’re removing a blemish, you’ll want to choose a clean area with no blemishes to replace it with. This tool, however, won’t work to perfectly correct the blemish removal, which is when we’d turn to use the heal tool.

With the heal tool, you’ll click on the blemish and move around on the image to find the right area to correct the blemish with. This tool works to pick the right texture and tone to “heal” the blemish. The clone and heal tool also work great to temporarily remove your tattoo from an image.

Watch as Andy shows you his techniques in this Lightroom tutorial to remove a blemish and tattoo from an image.



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