Organizing a Video Project in Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements is a video editing software program that is used for nonlinear video editing. It’s a scaled-down version of Adobe Premiere Pro, and is ideal for beginner editors and consumers. In this how-to tutorial, taken from our Premiere Elements 12 training course by author Andy Anderson, we’ll show you Andy’s techniques for effectively organizing a video project.¬†

The first step to getting your Premiere Elements project started is organization. Before you can start your project, you need to know certain things about it. In his lesson, Andy instructs you to ask yourself 5 key questions:

  1. Who is your audience? This is where you determine who is going to watch the video.
  2. What are your goals? Here you come up with the target of the video.
  3. When is it due? Most people have an unrealistic of when they think they’ll finish their video, so it’s important to set a realistic date as to when you think you’ll actually complete your project.
  4. Where is the video going? Are you going to put it on a DVD? How about your website? It is imperative that you know where the video is going because you will be designing the video based on where you are putting it.
  5. Why are you doing it? Motivate yourself and you will be more inclined to do a good job, which in turn will come across in your video.

Once you’ve¬†answered those 5 questions, you’re ready to get organized and start to pull the project together. You should start by becoming aware of your resources and thinking about the materials you’ll need, such as a computer, keyboard, cameras, lighting, a studio, etc. If you need to rent a studio, then it’s a good idea to plan ahead to make sure it’s available when you need it.

Next, Andy advises you to mind map the project. Once you have a clear idea of your video project, put your ideas down on paper.


Finally, you can use a storyboard to put it all together. In Andy’s example of a storyboard, each cell represents a segment of the video that you’ll be working with, from start to finish.


After your video project is thought out and organized, you can begin the project! Watch Andy demonstrate his organization techniques in the tutorial video from the Premiere Elements course, and also learn about the video production workflow.




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