Outlook for Mac Tutorial – Setting an Email Signature

An email signature can contain anything you like – whether it be your address and telephone number, a quote of the day, or a disclaimer – the options are endless. In our Microsoft Office for Mac training course, expert author Guy Vaccaro shows you how to jazz up your emails with a unique email signature. 

To create the signature, you will need to open a new email, go across to the pencil and paper diagram, and click edit signatures.


In the signature dialogue box, you can use the standard email signature, or you can add another by using the + icon, or delete a signature by using the – icon. After you’ve created the signature, exit the dialogue box. Then working inside the body of the email, click down on the same pencil and paper icon and select the signature you’ve just created. Your new signature won’t appear in the email by default, but there is an option that allows you to set it to appear automatically.

Head back into the signature dialogue box and simply click the Default Signatures button, and select the signature you’d like to have appear by default.


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