5 PowerPoint Tutorials to Revamp Your Presentations

Whether you have to use it once a year or once per day, Microsoft PowerPoint is firmly entrenched in boardrooms, offices, and classrooms around the world. In this post, we’re sharing some of our most watched PowerPoint tutorials from YouTube, with the goal of helping you create more engaging slideshows with greater ease.

With multiple courses covering each version of PowerPoint for Windows and Mac, featuring step by step guidance from experts Guy Vacarro and Erin Olson, our Microsoft PowerPoint Training Videos cover all of the beginner basics, with a wealth of time-saving shortcuts and more advanced tricks that even more seasoned users will appreciate.

1. Customizing Object Animations

In this video from our PowerPoint 2013 course, Microsoft Certified Trainer Erin Olson shows how to use the Animations Pane to adjust and modify object animations within your presentation.

2. Recording Narrations for Presentations

What if you’re not giving a presentation live? In this video, Erin shows how to quickly create embedded audio tracks that are perfect for trade shows or hosting your file online.

3. Creating Charts from Excel Data

In this clip, Erin walks through the process of creating some basic charts pulled directly from existing Microsoft Excel documents. This is a great way to produce accurate metrics without tedious data entry.

4. Customizing Table Styles

In this tip, Erin shows how you can make your table data more coherent and visually effective by making adjustments to table colors and typeface.

5. Making Sure Media Files Work

Once you’ve achieved the right style and put forward your best information, you want to make sure your presentation is completely playable, even from different computers. Erin shows how to optimize your audio and video files for performance and compatibility.



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