Free Tutorial Videos from Microsoft Excel for Business Training Course

It’s National Small Business week! We thought we’d celebrate by sharing a few tutorial videos from our Microsoft Excel for Small Businesses training course. With this course, you’ll learn how to utilize the tools in Excel to manage and build your small business. Whether you’re a business owner or employee, you’ll gain important skills that you’ll be able to implement right away, including building a budget, tracking a loan, and preparing invoices. 

 Analyzing Demographics:

As author Erin Olsen explains at the start of the course, one of the core concepts of business is knowing your customer base. Once you’ve captured the data on your customers (which could include their age, location, and salary range), you can use Excel pivot tables and manual grouping to turn that data into useful demographic information that could be beneficial to your sales and marketing team, research and development, and human resources. Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to turn your customer demographics into a pivot table for clear analyzation:

Gaining Product and Service Insights:

In order to be able to accurately plan, produce, sell, and analyze your business, you must have a clear understanding of what your business’s produces and services are. The larger the list of products and services, the more difficult this could be. Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to generate a reference of services using a pivot table:

Creating Scheduling and Marketing Calendars:

Calendars are a visual way to represent a lot of time and scheduling data within a business, and can be used for everything from employee schedules to marketing events. The time required to format a calendar by hand in any application can be daunting. You can make this easier on yourself by utilizing a template in Excel in order to get the critical, but tedious work, out of the way – Excel provides numerous calendar templates to choose from. Watch this tutorial video below to learn how to create a calendar using a small business calendar template:

If you’re a small business owner or employee, check out our Microsoft Excel for Business training course, and learn to harness the power of Excel to build, monitor, and market your business!





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