Anime Studio Pro Tutorial: Hiding vs Deleting Edges

In Anime Studio, deleting and hiding edges are basic techniques you absolutely need to know. At first glance, their effects are quite similar, but with a closer look, you’ll see the difference and understand when one is preferred.

This lesson is adapted from Chapter 4 of our new Anime Studio Pro 10 tutorial video course by designer and author Mark Bremmer. The beginner-focused training is available for $99.95 as a direct download, with a DVD-ROM edition coming out next week. And of course, all of the lessons in the series are also currently available streaming in the all-in-one Learning Library.

Using the Hide Edges Tool

Once you’ve used your drawing tools to create a basic shape, you may want to edit the appearance of the lines to achieve a desired look. In this example, we’ve created the beginnings of a basic face, and wish to remove the bold line along the top edge of the mouth. Choose the Hide Edge tool from the Fill subsection of your Tools panel on the left-hand side of your workspace, as show below. You may also press the H key on your keyboard.


Once you’ve activated the tool, go back to your drawing and click the segments you wish to hide. If you make an incorrect selection, simply press CMD+Z or Ctrl+Z on your keyboard to Undo, or simply click on the hidden edge segment again with the same tool. In our example, we’ve selected the two segments forming the top of the mouth, effectively hiding them while also retaining the filled coloration within the character’s mouth.


Deleting Edges

Sometimes you’ll want to delete an edge instead of just hiding it. The important difference vs hiding is that you will not easily get your edge back later in a project if you change your mind, and more crucially, you will lose your fill if you have one within a selected shape. The Delete Edge tool can be found in the Draw section of the Tools panel, or can be activated by pressing the D key.


But if we use the tool to delete the same edge segments we’d previously hidden, we will lose the colored fill of the mouth, as shown below. The bottom and side edges of the mouth, however, will remain.



You’ll use the Hide Edge and Delete Edge tools countless times in the creation of an advanced project, but the best time to use each will depend on what you are trying to do. If you are working with a fill within your shape, you will want to just hide a given edge. But there are also many instances in which deleting makes more sense. To watch Mark demonstrate the two tools in real time, here’s a free video from the full course.



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