Diving into 3D: 6 Must-See Maya Tutorials

As one of the world’s leading 3D design and animation platforms, Maya has evolved as an impressive production tool at home in the most demanding professional workflows from visual effects, to game design, to feature films. At the same time, beginners with little or no 3D experience can become competent with its rich feature set relatively quickly with the right guidance.

As the latest release in our Maya training series, our beginners Maya 2015 Tutorial Video course tackles the program’s fundamental features and design tools, helping you move from sketches and concepts to fully realized renderings and animations. The training is led by effects and gaming industry veteran Todd Palamar, the author of numerous books on Maya and our own Maya 2013 and Maya 2014 tutorials, some of which are featured below.

In this post, we are featuring four of our most popular Maya videos of all time, along with two new Maya 2015 videos to show you what you can expect from our latest training.

Creating a Basic Structure

In this video from our Maya 2013 training, Todd walks through the creation of a basic building using simple polygon modeling tools.

Extruding and Cutting Faces

In this Maya 2013 clip with over 41,000 views on YouTube, Todd shows how to create and edit a complex extrusion based off of a reference drawing.

UV Mapping

You’ll learn the basics of UV mapping a 3D polygon-based surface in this tutorial.

Intro to nHair

Todd shows the various features and settings for creating hair effects within Maya 2013.

Maya 2015: Using the Sculpt Geometry Tool

You’ll see how to quickly smooth out the edges of a rough polygon model in this free video from our newest course.

Maya 2015: Rigging and Weighting – Understanding Joints

This video dives into the one of the basics of animation in Maya by showing you how to create and work with movable joints.



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