24 Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel

One of the ways you can work smarter and faster in Microsoft Excel is by utilizing the keyboard shortcut commands. We’ve recently released a training course that teaches you advanced tools and techniques to help you master Microsoft Excel. In this post, we’ll show you some of the key shortcut commands that are crucial in everyday Excel use. 

In one of his tutorial videos, expert author Guy Vaccaro runs through the 24 keyboard shortcuts that are attached to the control key. As with most software programs, you will have some shortcuts that are better than others, as well as some being easier to remember. The J and M key are still unassigned in Microsoft Excel, but the other 24 letters do something that you’ll want to remember:

What do you want to do:The keys you need to press:
Highlight Data - press once to highlight surrounding data, and twice to highlight entire sheetCtrl A
Bold textCtrl B
Copy textCtrl C
Copy contents of above cell (ditto)Ctrl D
Flash fillCtrl E
Open up the FinderCtrl F
Open up the go to menuCtrl G
Replace something (works along with Ctrl F)Ctrl H
Italicize textCtrl I
Insert hyperlinkCtrl K
Create a tableCtrl L
Create new documentCtrl N
Open documentCtrl O
PrintCtrl P
Use quick analysis toolCtrl Q
Repeat contents of cell to the left (ditto left)Ctrl R
Save documentCtrl S
Create a table (same as Ctrl L)Ctrl T
Underline textCtrl U
Paste Ctrl V
Close a document/windowCtrl W
CutCtrl X
Redo Ctrl Y
Undo (goes along with Ctrl Y)Ctrl Z

For more helpful tips and tutorials, check out our latest Microsoft Excel training course, which combines the lessons of popular Excel authors Erin Olsen and Guy Vaccaro to teach you advanced tools and techniques for working in this powerful spreadsheet program.



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