Upcoming Course: Learning Git

Are you a programmer or web developer wanting to learn more about version control systems for working on complex, multi-user projects? The open-source Git system and the website GitHub have become an incredibly popular platform for working on collaboratively and publishing for public demand.

Today you’ll get a preview of our upcoming course that will help you get involved yourself.

Our new Git tutorial series by veteran developer Chad Thompson will be released next month, with the goal of helping coders, designers, and developers of all stripes become more familiar with using git for private and public projects. You’ll get step-by-step walkthroughs of all fundamental upstream and downstream processes within the Git command line tool, the Atlassian Source Tree UI, and Github’s community online. Whether you’ve used other source control systems in the past or you’re just getting started, this multi-part training series has been written to give you a well-rounded, hands-on introduction.

Here’s one short video from the upcoming release:



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