Microsoft Excel for Business: Building Budgets

Microsoft Excel is a universal tool across nearly all professional and academic disciplines. It’s the global standard in spreadsheet applications, and you can tailor its tools to nearly any purpose where calculations or data organization are required. In today’s post, we’ll be highlighting our latest course on how to use it to run a business.

The Microsoft Excel for Business Tutorial Video course presents 5 chapters on performing essential tasks, and includes accompanying templates to help you get your finances and essential data in order. The course is led by veteran trainer Erin Olsen, who provides point by point guidance and relevant background information within each lesson.

The course covers Contact Management and Marketing, Building Budgets, Supervising Sales, and Gauging Business Status; in this post we’re sharing videos from the training that walk you through the process of building and maintaining a budget in Excel. While the training uses Excel 2013, the majority of the lessons can also be applied to older versions.

Course Intro: Marketing, Managing And Building Business With Excel

Managing Money with Excel

Building Budgets – Part 1

Building Budgets – Part 2

Building Budgets – Part 3



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